Yoga for Weight Loss

Are you sick of extra pounds? Now after a long time you want to have a toned body and lose excess weight. Though, better late than never. You have taken the right decision. Experts recommended exercise, jogging, walking, maintaining diet, eating vegetable and avoiding junk food. Are you tired of listening to these suggestions? If you are – then yoga can be your problem solver. The benefits of yoga are undeniable. Yoga is good for men, women, children and old people, and especially for people, who want to lose excess fat from their body, and want to stay fit and healthy.

Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss

You may have practiced many different things, maintained your diet and did jogging on a regular basis to get into shape. You may have tried many different massage gels, taken weight loss pills, creams and so on. But have you practiced yoga regularly? Do you know the benefits of yoga for weight loss? If you do not know, then this article can help you a lot to know about yoga and its benefits and how it helps reduce weight that other exercises or diet cannot. Continue reading.

Yoga for Toned Tummy and Thighs

Regular yoga practice can help you reduce excess fat from your body. Yoga is good for obese people, who tried different things but did not get good results. Yoga can give them immense benefits. Yoga stretches and tones the different parts of your body, limbs and stimulates your metabolism to reduce calorie. Here we have described few beginner yoga poses or asanas that help you tone legs, tummy and thighs and other parts of your body. When you talk about the benefits of yoga for weight loss try these yoga poses.

Warrior Pose

Warrior Pose is good for weight loss. Even most yoga experts believe Warrior Pose I and Warrior Pose II are best yoga for weight loss. If you practice this yoga asanas at home daily with other suggest asanas for weight loss, you will see the benefits of yoga just in a few days. These poses will tighten your muscles and tone your legs. These poses will give you good body strength as well.

Chair Pose

Chair Pose is highly recommended yoga for weight loss. Most of the weight loss experts say, who try and suggest yoga reducing weight believe the benefits of yoga chair pose is number one for legs and thighs exercise. It also gives strength of your glutes, hips, back and chest, including ankle and knee muscles.

Boat Pose

Boat pose looks like a boat shape of your body when you practice this yoga. This is a great yoga for weight loss. The benefits of yoga boat pose are many and a best yoga for tummy and chest. It also provides strength on your legs, thighs and buttocks. When you practice this yoga your body posture will take a V shape form. This posture will increase your stamina and cut down your tummy fat.

Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is often called PRIPURNA NAVASANA, an excellent yoga for weight loss. This pose helps cut down fat from your abdomen, tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles including your hip flexors and spine.

Cobbler’s Pose

This yoga pose is very easy to perform. This is a beginner yoga and is practiced all over the world in all yoga session. The benefits of yoga Cobbler’s pose are many. It is an effective yoga for weight loss. This pose is good for abdominal muscles, stretches your inner things, knees and groin.

Butterfly Pose

Butterfly pose in Sanskirt called Badhakonasana or Purna Titli Asana is a one of the most popular gentle yoga posture in the entire yoga style. This yoga is good for rapid weight loss and also good for libido and stronger and better orgasm. Many people say this is a kind of cobbler pose yoga, because the posture looks like cobbler sitting at work.

Plow Pose

This yoga is good for those people who sit for a long time and tend to have a very bad posture, because this yoga pose or asana helps to tone the muscles of buttocks and gives strength of your shoulders as well as your thighs. It is also a very good pose for glands, lungs and for abdominal organs, improves your digestive system and helps to balance your hormonal levels.

Frog Pose

This yoga pose helps you tone the legs, helps to improve heart health and increases the flexibility of the hamstring at the same time lose your weight.

Frog Asana

Frog Pose

Bow Pose

This pose is very much effective for weight loss, it improves digestion and appetite, helps to cure obesity, cures constipation, strengthens back muscles.

Locust Pose

The benefits of Locust Pose is immense. It increases flexibility, strength of the upper and middle back, coordinate and helps to increases the overall strength and stamina of your body. This is a very popular back-bend or spine-stretching pose, especially using to get strength of the upper back, middle back and to lift the weight of both the legs as much as high from the beginning position from the ground. 

Cobra Pose

If you want to add a yoga pose on your weight loss yoga routine then cobra pose should be there. This yoga pose also helps stretches muscles in the shoulders, also very helpful to reduce stiffness of your lower back, gives strength of your arms and shoulders. It improves flexibility of your entire body.

Seated Forward Bend Pose

Paschimottanasana is an excellent Yoga for weight loss. It makes the breath flow into the Brahma Nadi, Sushumna, and arouses the gastric fire. It minimizes fat from the abdomen. It is especially practiced for obesity and for the expansion of spleen and liver.

Shoulder Stand Pose

This yoga is not only a weight loss yoga but also a pose helps to stretches your shoulders and improves flexibility of upper spine. It helps to relieve your stress, because this pose is very helpful for your brain calmness and nervous system.

Women like to practice yoga for zero figure can practice these five yoga poses described here, including other exercises and diet for rapid weight loss.

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