Yoga Poses

Yoga Pose also called Asana, sometimes called yoga asana. It is explained as posture or pose in general terms. Literally, it is known as seat. There was only one pose or asana, i.e. stable and comfortable pose for the purpose of long time seated mediation. The yoga poses or asanas help to open the Nadis or (Energy Channels) in human body, more than just toning and/or stretching the physical body. Experts say, yoga poses or asanas purify and heal the body, control, calm as well as focus human mind.

Here we have given three different yoga levels Beginner Yoga, Intermediate Yoga and Advanced Yoga.

Beginner Level Yoga

Bridge Pose Garland Pose Mountain Pose
Upward Facing Dog Pose Half Cobra Pose Camel Pose
Hare Pose Chair Pose Locust Pose
Cat Pose Low Lunge Pose Table Pose
Right Triangle Pose Rotation Pose Crow Pose
Easy Plow Pose Reclining Bound Angle Bow Pose
Half Moon Pose Shoulderstand Pose Peacock Pose
Bound Angle Pose Half Boat Pose Easy Pose
Tree Pose Child Pose Diamond Pose
Knee Pressure Pose Corpse Pose Half Plank Pose
Forward Bend Pose Upward Table Pose Reserve Corpse Pose
Cow Pose Greeting Pose Standing Half Forward Pose


Intermediate Level Yoga

Downward Facing Dog Pose Fish Pose Low Boat Pose
Garland Pose Buddhist Stupa Pose Cow Face Pose
Bow Pose Sitting Right Twist Pose Horse Face Pose
Warrior I Pose Dancing Shiva Pose Great Plow Pose
Warrior II Pose Wide Angle Pose Four Limbed Staff Pose
Warrior III Pose Low Lunge Pose Mountain Pose
Cobra Pose Tree Pose Sage Twist Pose
Crane Pose Half Wheel Pose Hero Pose
Camel Pose Half Moon Pose Lion Pose
Plow Pose Chair Pose Crocodile Pose
Plan Pose Left Toestand Pose Spinal Bend Pose
Eagle Pose Right Toestand Pose Roller Pose


Advanced Level Yoga

Crane Pose Tortoise Pose Lying Diamond Pose
Lord of Dance Pose Headstand Pose Cobra Pose
Warrior I Pose Side Plank Pose Chair Pose
Warrior II Pose Ear Pressure Pose Peacock Pose
Warrior III Pose Hare Pose Half Lotus Pose
Bridge Pose Fish Pose Complex Lotus Pose
Lotus Pose Monkey King Pose Pendant Pose
Lying Hero Pose High Boat Pose Crocodile Pose


The different yoga postures produce different results and affects in different ways energetic, mental, emotional as well as physical being. When you hold a yoga pose or posture, be sure that you can breathe properly, deeply and slowly, using Dirga or Ujjayi Pranayama (breathing exercise). If you are not taking help of a yoga teacher then watch Yoga Videos for better understanding. You will know how to hold, where should hold and how to stretch when you practice asanas regularly. You may feel pain, fatigue or strain in muscles whether you do not practice asanas or yoga postures on a regular basis. Do not worry at all, regular practice will reduce all issues and you will become an expert. It is better if you take help from a yoga teacher.

When you do yoga, try to practice Pranayam or Breathing exercise – like Surya Bhedan, Udgeeth Pranayam, Bahya Pranayama, Kapalbhati Pranayama, Bhramari Pranayama, Bhastrika Pranayama etc for better results.

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