Want to Practice Angle Pose / Baddha Konasana / Cobbler Pose

Cobbler Pose is strong groin and hip-opener Asana.

The cobbler pose is also familiar as Angle pose, is a very simple pose in the entire yoga style with many benefits. This yoga pose is very good for your hips, groin and thighs.

  • To practice cobbler pose yoga you need to sit on the floor or on your yoga mat with your legs straight.
  • Bring the soles of the feet together towards the pelvis and hold the ankles.
  • Now hold the big toe of each foot with your first finger and or second finger and thumb of each hand. You should not push down on the knees. Yes if you want, you can put the cushions under the sitting bones to balance your pelvis.
  • Now exhale and slowly double up forward. Maintain the length of your torso and do stretch as much as you can without any strain. You can stay in this pose for 2-5 minutes.
  • Inhale slowly and sit up.

Benefits of Cobbler Pose: 

  • It improves the flexibility and strengthen the groin, inner thighs and your knees.
  • It helps you to feel calm the entire pelvic area.
  • It also helps to stimulate your heart muscles and improves to function your prostate glands, ovary and kidneys.

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