What Are the Benefits of Massage Therapy for Stress

Studies shown that there are many physical and emotional benefits of massage therapy. You can get several benefits of massage even after a single massage therapy session. Massage Therapy is more than just relaxing me-time. As the number of proven health benefits increases, so do the number of Indians start taking massage for more balanced lifestyle. The demand for massage therapy shows not only Americans and other European countries but also Indians these days like to have massage therapy session.

Stress is common, stress is universal these day, though it is good sometimes in life. In the time you jump to catch a roughly thrown ball, feel very energetic before an essential board meeting, or push the car brakes in the nick of time to avoid an accident, you should know that stress is doing its job. In the time the adrenaline enhancing your heart rate, as well as the cortisol enhancing your blood sugar level, while channelizing energy away from digestive system as well as immune system, are absolutely what prehistoric humans needed to combat their attackers. And if there is no way to relief from stress or distress yourself, the constant fight-and-fight can create issues. Then your stress becomes more, often called a negative stress reaction. It can create headache, stomach issue, increase of blood pressure, chest pain, sleep disorder and other issues. Studies also shown excessive stress can change your behavior, body and mood.

Behavioral changes such as:

Behavior: – Angry, abuse of drug, over eating or minimum eating, social withdrawal and so forth.

Mood: – Tension, anxiety, anger, motivation lacking, focus lacking, depression, restlessness and so forth.

Body: – Pain in chest, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, ache, sex drive, sleep, stomach ache and so forth.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Stress:

You can be benefited from massage therapy. Studies shown that massage therapy can reduce blood pressure, reduce heart rate, relax muscles, relieve aches, calm body and mind. Massage therapy helps increase the production of endorphins, which if called the natural “feel good” chemical in your body. One of the important benefits of massage therapy is to help in reducing short term stress and overcome tension.

As a matter of fact, reducing stress is one of the first benefits of massage therapy that come to mind whenever you think of massage therapy. These days massage therapy help people reducing stress for better and healthy lifestyle. Studies shown even a half an hour massage session can significantly reduce your heart rate, levels of cortisol as well as levels of insulin, due to the reason massage therapy and reducing stress go hand in hand.

Your health is everything, taking care of your health, your body and mind should be the top of your priorities. If you want to overcome stress, tension and headache, add therapeutic massage to your routine. Adding massage therapy in your routine help you feel and look healthier far into the future course of time. In the point of fact, stress relief can enhance your vitality as well as state of mind. So you known the benefits of massage therapy for reducing stress, and to prepare for a long and happy life.

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