Tenets Of Yoga

The main objectives of yoga forms or poses on which anyone can achieve healthy body and mind through regular practice.

Mahabharata defines the main purpose of YOGA, as the experience of Brahman / Atman / Soul pervading all things.

But in the specific sense of Patanjali’s YOGA SUTRA, YOGA is defines as cessation of the perturbations of mind. In the YOGA SUTRA Patanjali indicated that the main aim of YOGA is a state of permanent peace. Apart from the spiritual freedom and peace, yoga is used to alleviate different health problems, reduce stress and make the spine supple in contemporary times. It is also used as a complete therapy and exercise for mind and body.

In the west, the term YOGA is widely used but associated with Hata yoga and asana, as a form of exercise. Where it has been using purely as a form of exercise, its profound benefit of mental, physical and spiritual awareness. Many of the Western countries believe that the long-term practice of YOGA improves musculoskeletal and mental health and also prevent different disease, such as Asthma, Back pain, Spinal pain, Diabetes and so on. Regular YOGA practice increase brain GABA levels and improve mood and anxiety. The three main aim of Hata Yoga are

  • Exercise
  • Breathing (Breathing Exercise) / (Pranayam)
  • Meditation

These are very much beneficial to those suffering from heart disease. Practicing yoga regularly prevents and may reduce high blood pressure, improve symptoms of heart failure, enhance cardiac rehabilitation, decrease cardio vascular risk factors.

Here we have discussed some of the important tenets or principle of Yoga.

Right Relaxation

This principle involves proper relaxation. Through yoga practice you can get rid of muscle tension and can rest your entire body, your nervous system will get revitalized and you will fell an inner peace, fell refreshed and relaxed. You will fell energetic whole day in your work and will help in the conservation of energy. After a day when you fell less energetic, your regular yoga exercise will make you better in mind and body, and will increase your muscle power to prevent diseases.

Right Exercise

This principle is also very important which involves proper exercise. When we work throughout the day we feel less energetic because our physical body moves in different position. To revitalize our body we need proper exercise. Different Yoga poses help us to tone and strengthen the ligaments and muscles and help us to enhance the flexibility of our joints and spin in body. Different Yoga poses/asanas/styles help us to rejuvenate the different systems in the body.

Right Breathing

Proper breathing is very much important in yoga exercise. Breathing should be done rhythmically and fully that your lungs are used to increase the intake capacity of oxygen. You need to know how to breathe properly while doing particular yoga style, because different yoga poses are used to get different benefits. You know that right breathing means breathing exercise, which is called Pranayam. Yoga and Pranayam are interconnected. If you do yoga regularly to get the entire benefits of mind and body you need to practice Pranayam regularly.

Pranayama consists of two words prana (life) on the breath and ayama, to draw out. Simply we can say this is a breathe exercises. The particular system of breath control with three processes.

Purak (to take the breath inside), kumbhak (to retain it) and rechak (to discharge it from the body). These are not only models available in Pranayama, there are also a few model available in Pranayama those are also widely accepted. According to Bhagavad Gita (Song of lord), pranayama is induced by stopping all breathing.

Patanjali a Hindu Rishi also discussed some specific approach of pranayama. He described pranayama is an essential exercise for concentration.  Many of the YOGA teachers advise pranayama is an overall practice for breathing exercise.

Pranayam or breathing exercise will help you to gain more focused in mind and will help you to increase the levels of energy.

Right Diet 

If you practice yoga, you need to maintain your right diet also. The food that you eat has an effect on your body and mind. An improper diet will affect on your entire health. It will also affect on your mind and body. A healthy diet will nourish your body and mind. On the other hand an improper or unhealthy diet will badly affect your spiritual, mental awareness and lead to mental deficiency. You can take advice of a yoga expert who will help you to select your moderate diet, which is very much essential in yoga practice. Everyone knows that unhealthy eating habits may lead to ailments like obesity and or diabetes. Try to eat vegetable and adequate water everyday.

Right Thinking and Meditation

Right thinking is the key to your success. Always think positive. Make a good habit to think positive all the time. It will not only effect on your mind but also help you to boost up in your working. This right thinking and meditation are the great principles in yoga practice. If you practice meditation with your yoga regularly side by side, it will be helpful for you to develop a peaceful and healthy mind, it improves your positive thinking. Meditation helps you to get rid of negative blocks and thoughts. Meditation brings your mind fully under control.

Meditation build and promote relaxation, build internal energy, to develop concentration, to develop compassion, love, patience, generosity and forgiveness. In generally, meditation helps an individual at effortlessly sustained single pointed concentration, analysis and to help to enjoy an indestructible sense of well being.

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