Want to Practice Cow Face Pose ?

This Yoga helps you to release tension from shoulders and opens the chest to facilitate for deep breathing. In Sanskrit, Cow Face Posture is also known as “Gomukhasana”.

  • You should perform staff pose, bend your left leg, bring it heel under the right thigh and close to right hip.
  • Now you need to bend your right leg over the left knee and let your right heel come close to left hip, where you right need to be positioned above the left knee.
  • Now place your palms on the feet.
  • Now you need to press the sitting bones on the floor and point the crown of the head upward.
  • Now bend your left elbow and bring your left forearm behind your back. Inhale while you are extending the right arm over your head. When you blend your right elbow just keep your right elbow between the shoulders blades.
  • Now clasp the fingers of the left hand with the right hand.
  • Lastly, pull your shoulders away from each other to experience the stretch in the shoulders.

Benefits of this yoga pose:

  • By this yoga practice you will be benefited to stretches arms and shoulders, release tension and opens the chest to facilitate to do deep breathing.

Remember: Whether you have neck or hip related problems then we must say this yoga is not for you.

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