Top 10 Important Beginners Meditation Tips to Mediate Easily

Life is divine. Sometimes this divine life becomes more and more stressful. But if there is a problem there must be some solutions. Meditation can help us to resolve many solutions in our life. Meditation is one of the greatest ways that enhances the power of our springiness to combat against stress, anxiety, some shorts of mental disorders and so forth, and also help us to bring the positive energy in life. Many people today ask How to Use Meditation, the beginners meditation tips to Enhance the Divine Life. Instead of saying meditation practice you can say it is a tool to release stress and tension from mind and body. Meditation sometimes uses as a tool which helps us to sleep better instead of taking medicines. It helps us to encourage the physical health and provides additional power in body, which is great in fighting against chronic pain and illness. It is a natural process and very important meditation tips for beginners have been using from a long years.

Meditation – The Wellness of Life

In today’s busy world people feel stressed to come out from physical and mental pain, due to the reason they Start Meditation to Cure Many Problems in Life. Whether you want to live a healthy and happier life then meditation can be the perfect tool for you. Let us discuss how to start mediation. You need to follow some important steps.

Think about your Posture:

If you sit on a chair which you feel comfortable or do cross your legs on the ground then you should sure that your spine is up-right with your head up. Whether you are flumped your mind will flow. As you know our mind and body are interconnected. Whether your body is balanced properly then your mind will automatically be balanced. So balancing mind and body is the important thing on the starting phase of meditation. Now you think that your head is touching the firmament.

Your Eyes:

Now you need to open your eyes, keep this way for a few minutes. When you keep your eyes open allow you to be more present. Now lower your eyes and look in your soft. Whether you close eyes, you will feel more likely to amass on your thoughts as well as stories. Though, you should do which you feel comfortable. Some people open their eyes and some do not.

Focus Properly:

Often we drive a vehicle without preoccupying with thoughts, and it is seen all on a sudden we arrived at the destination and even do not remember anything about the journey! It is found often in our ordinary consciousness we are hardly ever present. Let us discuss what the focus is. In our ordinary life, we generally think focus with concentration simultaneously. That is the mind like a concentrated shine of light. But discussing meditation, it is not at all helpful. It is very acute and edgy. In meditation focus means to pay attention softly whatsoever you place in the center of consciousness. It is suggested to breathe properly and focus.



During meditation you should pay attention to breathe, which will help you to anchor in the present situation. Keep in mind that your stream of breath should in and out properly. Be natural, do not pressure. Whether you have problems in settling, you can start to count the breath – it is a great meditation tip which is used in ancient time. Now in your out breath count – 1 2 -3 -4 and come back to 4 -3 -2 -1…this way. It is a very effective way without backward glance.

Think about Thoughts

In the time thoughts come into your mind, do not let them go, otherwise you feel agitated. Think that the thoughts are coming in your brain are just unknown at your door step, welcome them and say good bye politely. Now concentrate and focus on your attention.

What about Emotions?

Your strong emotions should be avoided in the time you meditate, because some emotions bring stories in our mind. You should avoid shame, anger, fear etc to meditate properly, otherwise these things will create problem in meditation.

Keep Silence:

Hope you know silence is the best healing. Silence brings power in your mind; energize yourself to go into the deeper meditation. Yes you can use meditation music but natural silence is good and unmatched.

Woman doing Pranava or Om Yoga

Length or Time of Meditation:

Generally there is no fixed time length of meditation. But if you are a beginner, these beginners meditation tips will help you a lot. You can practice for 10-15 minutes and after a few months try to increase your time like 20-25 minutes and later on more. Though, it is up to you how you enjoy it.

Prefer a suitable time for meditation:

Meditation is a time of proper relaxation. So it should be done at the time of ease. When you meditate, do not bother anyone and near you. You need to have freedom to relax and enjoy yourself. Sunrise and sunset are the perfect time for meditation. Find a silent place to meditate, noisy place should be avoided. Quiet and peaceful surroundings make the meditation experience more enjoyable and relaxing.


Most of the people who meditate believe after completing a session of meditation enjoyment is important, I agree with it. You need to be kind to yourself. Proper meditation bring light and shade darkness in life, so make it habit practicing regularly. Try to sit everyday at least for a few minutes.

The above mentioned important meditation tips for beginners are good tips for mental awareness. How do you deal with the challenge of your daily life depends on you, but we can say these tips will surely be helpful for you and day by day you will discover the affect of meditation.

We hope – These essential beginners meditation tips will be helpful for beginners who want to practice meditation.

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