Increasing Resistance in Yoga for Greater Strength and Flexibility

Yoga for stamina and flexibility

While yoga has been around for thousands of years, it’s still relatively new to Western culture and Western yogis are still figuring out how to optimize the practice to meet their fitness needs. Yoga is great for increased flexibility, lower stress levels, and a greater mind/body/breath connection, but if you’re wondering how to build strength a little faster, adding resistance is just the ticket.! Simply put, resistance is any form of exercise that forces your skeletal muscles to contract. Those contractions lead to increases in muscle mass, strength, endurance, and…

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Top 20 Benefits of Yoga Asana You Never Miss

Yoga Benefits

Most people ask themselves why Yoga is so popular and what the benefits of yoga asana. We’ve put together 20 benefits of Yoga that you will start feeling right from the first session. Yoga makes you better If you choose a fitted class for your level and always keep an open mind to it, Yoga will make you better in all aspects. You don’t have to take our word for it, try it for yourself. It increases flexibility It is one of the most common things you hear about Yoga,…

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Top 20 Yoga Asanas for Stronger Libido & Better Orgasm

Do you want to boost your libido practicing yoga? Want to know which yoga poses can help you to improve your sexual performance? Yes, today’s unhealthy life-style could be one of the reasons for a lack of libido. It is also true many women in today’s fast moving world facing stress and depression. Yoga is no doubt a good thing to de-stress you. You can also practice breathing exercise or pranayam which also helps you to overcome stress and depression and give you complete relaxation. We have discussed here top…

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Encompassing 8 Limbs Of Yoga (Astanga Yoga) to Boost Immunity

Eight limbs of yoga a way to live healthy life more meaningfully and prosperously. Yoga is an art of living. Regular practising of yoga is good for health. Yoga connects body, mind and spirit. It helps to maintain balance in human body and fosters awareness in ourselves. Daily yoga practice helps to live in peace, reduces restlessness in mind, strengthens body and boosts up immunity system. Yoga had rooted and practised in India more over thousands years before and the philosophy of yoga had been written down in The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. In this age, we are living with lots…

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How to Reach Your Goal Practicing Yoga

The origin of yoga had been long rooted in Indian tradition. It has been practiced from pre-Vedic age. Yoga is not just an exercise; it is something more than our thinking. Innovative goals of yoga are to prepare our body and mind that we can aware of our own nature. Yoga practitioners devote him or she into the yoga poses to reach the unconscious state of mind. Our unconscious state which we unable to read. Yoga helps to reveal the unconscious state of our mind. Practicing yoga poses or asanas…

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Anusara Yoga Increases Your Natural Flow of Energy

Anusara Yoga, Hatha Yoga

Anusara Yoga is a powerful Yoga which comes under Hatha Yoga, which is a basic style of yoga. Anusara Yoga is fast becoming one of the most practiced forms of yoga in the earth. It works on the philosophy that all beings have an intrinsic goodness present in them. Anusara Yoga poses results in an increase in strength, toning of the muscles properly, and provides relaxation to the mind and body. This yoga is not only develop your physical strength, but also assists in making sure that your are at…

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Anu Yoga The Path To Pursue Wisdom

Anu yoga is the designation of the second of the three Inner Tantras in accordance with nine-fold division of practice used by Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. Anu yoga mainly focuses on the emphasizes of inner yoga of channels, completion stage, winds energies and essences. About Anu Yoga we can say that it is one of the best yoga which teaches the path of passionately pursuing wisdom, in the realization that all phenomena are the creative expression of the indivisible unity of absolute space and primordial wisdom.The benefit of this…

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The Benefits of Ashtanga Yoga – Yoga Chikitsa

Many of us come to yoga for lots of different reasons, for gaining greater flexibility of body, strength, right tone of the body, physical healing from injury, reducing stress or just to gain a deeper understanding of life. The beauty about Yoga and its benefits are huge that anyone can benefit from it. Yoga is good to everyone and anyone can be benefited from Yoga, practicing regularly. There are many benefits of astanga yoga as discussed below. A light and energized physical feeling. A stronger, more flexible body, giving your muscles…

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How To Practice adho mukha vrksasana

In the entire Yoga style adho mukha vrksasana is one of the most popular Yoga Pose I have ever seen and is quite difficult too for the beginners. Though, regular practice can make anything possible. The pose is commonly known as Handstand Pose or Downward Facing Tree Pose. This pose is a superb substructure to a lot of arm balance Yoga Postures or Asanas. At the very first time you should practice this pose against a wall, when you will feel comfortable or adaptable with the pose, you can try without…

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How To Practice Standing Forward Bend Pose Or Uttanasana

According to the name  Standing Forward Bend Pose you can understand that the pose is an intense stretch for your entire body. In this pose your legs fixed you with resolute determination onto the floor as your spine falls forward maintaining the balance and concentrate while promoting inner-calm. Step to Practice Standing Forward Bend Pose: Start this Pose from high lunge pose, now step back your leg ahead enough to straighten both of your legs. Now keep your back foot flat enough on the ground with your toes facing ahead.…

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How To Practice Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend Pose

Seated Forward Bend

Paschimottanasana is also known as “Intense stretch of the back body” is a very well-known seated forward bend Pose. Many people try to avoid this pose because many of them have tight legs and hips. But regular practice can give you immense benefits. It is one of the best yoga poses to beat premature ejaculation. This asana also very much helpful to strengthen the sperm and make semen more potent. This pose also enhance human’s metabolism. Steps to practice Paschimottanasana or Seated Forward Bend Pose: Sit with both of your…

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Top 10 Yoga Asanas to Prevent & Cure Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation happens when a man experiences orgasm and expels semen soon after sexual activity and with minimal penile simulation. There are a good natural solution by which one can help to relieve the symptoms and healthier the condition without any side effects. The natural solution is “Yoga” It helps to improve vitality and cure premature ejaculation. If you want to know how to Beat Premature Ejaculation (PE) with Yoga this article can be helpful for you. We have enlisted top 10 yoga Pose or (Asanas) to help you defeat premature ejaculation.  YOGA…

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How To Practice Right Nostril Breathing Pranayama Or Surya Bhedan

Do you need more energy? Then you can practice right nostril breathing pranayama. Right nostril breathing pranayama is also called Surya Bhedan or Revitalizing Breathing exercise. Right Nostril is called Pingala Nadi that helps you to get more energy in your body. The main purpose of this right nostril breathing pranayama is to improve and increase the Pranic Energy, the physical energy, and to revitalize the body.  This breathing exercise helps us to revitalize the supportive nervous system, helps us to minimize depression and or anxiety and also helps us to feel…

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Top 5 Yoga Asanas To Improve Digestion


In accordance with Ayurveda, our stomach plays a major role in controlling our body’s apparatus. A healthy stomach plays an important role, it helps us to keep acne away, lessen bad-tempered, keep our body protected from diseases, such as indigestion and in some extent even cancer. Ayurveda specify that an unhealthy stomach can cause to poor digestion. So, do not you wish to take care your stomach and other important organs properly? We have discussed here some important yoga asanas to improve digestion to get a healthy stomach. Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand…

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