What is Geographic Tongue and How to Treat with Homeopathy?

Geographic tongue

When you see a map-like spot on a human tongue, you must be dumbfounded to know about it, but if you are a doctor or directly or indirectly related to the medical profession, or an independent researcher of medicines, health or wellness, then you probably have heard the name “Geographic Tongue”.  When human tongues look like a map, the disease called geographic tongue. A reliable statistics has shown that 3 % men and women in the entire world population found with this condition. The good news is Geographic tongue treatment…

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What is Yoga and what are its Benefits for Arthritis?

Yoga and Arthritis

What is Yoga? Yoga is a Hindu spiritual as well as ascetic discipline. It is a part of the exercise, not just an exercise but more than that, which included breathing control, meditation and different yoga postures. Yoga is an exercise for mind and body when meditation included with it, then yoga turns an exercise for mind, body, and soul. It is nothing but an adoption of particular bodily postures or asana that are widely practiced for the purpose of health and relaxation. Benefits of Yoga Yoga has many physical…

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What Are the Benefits of Yoga for Anxiety?

Yoga and Anxiety

What is Yoga? Yoga has become one o the most popular forms of physical exercise, which is based upon the yoga poses or asanas, often called physical postures to promote fitness of body and mind. It helps you control your mind and improve your well-being. Yoga is good for mind and body connection. It has historical origins in primitive Indian philosophy. You see many different styles of yoga for men and yoga for women, though some yoga are good for children as well, which is also called yoga for kids.…

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