Does Smoking habit Cause Hair Loss?

Smoking habit affects the human body in numerous ways because they contain several toxins and chemicals. These harmful ingredients can damage all parts of your body, including hair.  Smoking causes some hair problems.  Many carbon monoxide and nicotine substances get found in cigarettes that restrict the blood flow and oxygen content to the extremities of your body including hair follicles. Due to this, the hair lacks proper nourishment, so they begin falling away quickly from your scalp. Cigarette smoking can also affect the DNA of hair follicles that cause your…

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Fall Fitness Reminders for Yogis

Yoga Benefits

As the crisp cool air of Fall sweeps into your life this season, take a note from the changing leaves and change up your ho-hum yoga routine with these important seasonal reminders: Connect to Nature The sense of transition Autumn brings with it can be revelatory to your yoga practice. Transition and times of change are so often volatile, tumultuous, full of mystery, overwhelming, and also exciting. Just think about the green leaves of spring and summer erupting into the fiery golds, oranges, reds, and deep purples of fall. Yoga…

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Five Makeup Products That Are Best For Summer Skin

Make up tips

Summer skin gets oily very easily and managing the makeup is tough because it gets cakey or otherwise really oily. Finding the right products for your summer style is the way to go and be carefree all the season about how you look. I will categorize the makeup items that are best for your summer skin and are very easy to use. So let’s begin with the list. Primer: The first most important product that you need to use is a primer. Primer helps even the skin out – it…

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Want to Lose Weight the Right Way? Here is How

The primary reason why a majority of people do not achieve their weight loss goals, but end up facing frustrations with the journey is that they put too much pressure on themselves and follow all the wrong techniques. It does not always have to be this way. Reaching your ideal weight can be an enjoyable and fruitful process. The secret is to start with changes around what you think weight loss is before jumping into action. Below you will uncover some of the mindsets that will not only help you…

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