Meditation and Healthy Diet Help You Achieve The Desired Body

Meditation and healthy diet

It is well-known the fact that an unhealthy lifestyle and eating all the wrong foods is making people not just sick, but also overweight. Some ask themselves how come they put on weight if they eat just once per day. Well, a balanced body needs regular meals, three times a day at least. If your body does not get food when it needs it, then it will store fat the soonest you will give it something to eat. Of course, it counts what you eat as well, so do you…

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The Benefits of Yoga for Sexual Health

Yoga for sexual health

Most people don’t believe that yoga can help improve your sexual health, but it can, actually, contribute a lot to sexual health. Yoga can help boost your sexual function, performance, and satisfaction. There also are various moves and styles practiced in yoga that increase your sexual excitement. Yoga also helps increase the intensity of orgasms and overall sexual satisfaction. Here, we’ll talk about how yoga benefits sexual health. If you’ve found the motivation to exercise, then perhaps the following benefits of yoga to sexual health may convince you to be…

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How to Reduce and Cure Gastric and Acid Reflux with Yoga?

Yoga for acid reflux

Acid is one of the important elements that help in the digestion of food in our body. It occurs naturally in our body and is responsible for breaking down of complex food into simpler ones. However, sometimes this natural occurring acid is released in access to what is normal, which causes acidity. Why is acid important in our body? The corrosiveness of this acid helps in killing any pathogens or microorganisms that have entered our body with our food. Helps in the production of the pepsin enzyme which is necessary…

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How to Beat Asthma with These 5 Yoga Poses

Yoga to cure asthma

Health is wealth, as the adage goes is absolutely true for all. If you are physically healthy and mentally strong, then you can enjoy your life to the fullest. However, there are some chronic diseases like the Asthma that can degrade your lifestyle completely if not managed properly. This disease is scientifically tagged as COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). To explain it in the layman term, in an Asthmatic patient the airways (the bronchial tubes) are swollen and get inflamed during an asthmatic attack. This narrows down the airways, making…

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Top 10 Yoga Asana for Better Sex Life

Yoga for Better Sex Life

It is widely known that Yoga can give you flexible body, increase your energy level, build better muscles, improve your blood flow and boost your confidence. But, did you know how Yoga asanas improve your sex life? In Sanskrit, Yoga basically means union. It works on the harmony of the body with mind and soul, so does sex. A lot of studies proved that stress and low confidence in your body can affect your sex life. Yoga helps you to reconnect with your body and mind, it increases your acceptance…

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10 Lesser-Known Tricks to Flatten Your Stomach Fast

Flatten Your Stomach Fast

A little bit of tummy podge is nothing to be worried about and is even considered desirable in certain cultures. That said, if you don’t feel all that confident about your current belly situation, then there’s good news, and there’s bad news. The worst news is that, true to reputation, excess stomach fat is notoriously one of the hardest layers to shed. The good news, however, is that there are little tricks you can pursue to speed up the process, all of which you can find below. These tips will…

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Top 10 Yoga Asana for Hikers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Yoga for hikers

Yoga is a traditional Indian exercise. In this section, we are about to discuss yoga for hikers and tell you how to quickly recover after an epic trek. We will tell you easy but awesome should, foot, leg and ankle yoga postures for travelers. Whether you are looking for a few easy and quick yoga postures that would help your muscles recover quickly from hiking, trekking, or just long walking, this yoga for hikers guide is for you. By the time your friends or fellow hikers learn that TRAVEL AND…

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What are the benefits of Doing Yoga While Hiking?

Yoga for Hikers

After two days of hiking, you may develop what is normally referred to as “THE HIKER HOBBLE.” It is by the time you wake up early in the morning or get up after a long break, and all your body muscles are stiff, certainly do not move well. You probably have to hobble all around the camp for a few minutes prior to getting the full range of motion. Therefore yoga for hikers can be the best option. It is not a secret that walking up and down mountains with…

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10 Tips for Falling Asleep Faster

Sleeping Tips

From time to time, everyone finds themselves in the midst of a frustrating nightfall battle where the mind has too much to say and sleep only seems to run farther away. This common disorder is not only a curse which strikes at later hours, but its negative effects also leak into the waking day too, disrupting your mood, punching holes in your memory, and weighing heavily on your productivity. If this sleep struggle sounds all too familiar to you, go and speak to a medical professional for individual advice, and…

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Apple Cider Vinegar: Is it Really Effective in Trimming Down Your Fats?

Apple Cider Vinegar and Fat

You may wonder how apple cider vinegar has become known as a food supplement which can help burn fat. It has been thought that weight loss, for instance, can be aided by adding this kind of vinegar into your diet plan. While it may have wonderful health benefits, apple cider vinegar is also well-known for being an effective fat burner. Here’s some information about apple cider vinegar and its effectiveness in trimming down your fats. What is apple cider vinegar? Apple cider vinegar has been a health tonic for quite…

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Ten Basic Yoga Poses for beginners

Yoga for beginners

Being a beginner in yoga is not easy because regular practice demands a strict discipline in lifestyle and basic habits. Moreover, as a beginner every pose initially creates a challenge in your physical endurance and flexibility. No one can master these yoga for beginners (asanas) in one day. Instead, it is an intense and holistic exercise that must be learned gradually. Before enumerating  these ten basic yoga poses, there are some important precautionary things to be considered. If you have a chronic disease or recovering from an injury or a…

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5 Things You Should Know Before Taking Your First Yoga Class

sport, meditation and lifestyle concept - smiling women meditating on mat in gym

Are you ready to embark on your yoga journey? This massively popular activity could present a huge array of benefits. Before you take your first class, however, there’s a handful of things that you should know. Here’s what you can expect: 1. You may not be super flexible at first (but that’s okay!) When you first give yoga a shot, there’s one crucial thing that you should understand. Beginners tend not be as flexible as the rest of the class. The people around you have had much more time to…

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Key Tips On How To Keep Your Family Healthier

Keeping your family healthy, well-fed, and with a roof over their head is a priority among parents but with the flu season finally taking over, how can you protect your family?  Moreover, according to CDC, a flu vaccine is only 36% effective for this season. So what added measures can you do to boost their immune system to fight against the nasty flu? That’s why we have rounded up a couple of key tips on how you can keep your family healthy in all circumstances: Develop good habits Developing good…

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Yoga Poses You Should Avoid with Back Injuries


When one thinks of yoga, one envisions gentle restoration, flexibility, and balance control, all of which is blissfully accurate. However, when suffering from an underlying injury, yoga can aggravate the trauma, especially if you are not paying attention to your body and pushing yourself too hard. With that in mind, here are some poses you should be wary of when dealing with spinal trouble, approaching your practice with careful respect, and accepting that these postures may not be here for you at this time.1. Camel Pose (Ustrasana) It’s easy to…

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Key Tips To Protect Your Wrists During Yoga


One of the most common complaints heard from beginners of yoga is their sore or hurting wrists. This is typically after a session with many planks, arm balances or chaturangas which are heavy on wrist work. Some moves cause too much pressure or strain on the wrists and require excessive motion of the hand. In an attempt to circumvent any damage to your wrists, there are certain things that you should keep in mind. Sometimes wrists will lose any prior flexibility they may have had at one time. Many of the…

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