Indian Science News Association (ISNA) Has Conducted Training Program on Science Communication and Media Practice 2018

Course on Science Communication and Media Practice

9th June 2018, Kolkata – The XXXII (32nd) training program in science communication and media practice has started on 8th June 2018. The course is about 4-month, from June to September this year. The classes will be held 5 – day in a week combining some Saturdays for the purpose of the workshop as well as outside visit. The classes will be held in the evening 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM every day, so that any person of any age can participate. It is an evening training program organized by…

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How to Keep Your Child Away from Bad Habits

Children and bad habits

Raising a child is a serious responsibility, one that cannot be dispensed with at all. And being a parent, I am aware of that fact that all parents are seriously concerned whether they would be able to raise their children correctly or not. Over the time, kids can develop a lot of bad habits and although it is hard to rid them of their habits, you can devise a set of strategies that can help you make your kids stop falling into these bad habits. For the sake of your…

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What is Geographic Tongue and How to Treat with Homeopathy?

Geographic tongue

When you see a map-like spot on a human tongue, you must be dumbfounded to know about it, but if you are a doctor or directly or indirectly related to the medical profession, or an independent researcher of medicines, health or wellness, then you probably have heard the name “Geographic Tongue”.  When human tongues look like a map, the disease called geographic tongue. A reliable statistics has shown that 3 % men and women in the entire world population found with this condition. The good news is Geographic tongue treatment…

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What is Yoga and what are its Benefits for Arthritis?

Yoga and Arthritis

What is Yoga? Yoga is a Hindu spiritual as well as ascetic discipline. It is a part of the exercise, not just an exercise but more than that, which included breathing control, meditation and different yoga postures. Yoga is an exercise for mind and body when meditation included with it, then yoga turns an exercise for mind, body, and soul. It is nothing but an adoption of particular bodily postures or asana that are widely practiced for the purpose of health and relaxation. Benefits of Yoga Yoga has many physical…

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What Are the Benefits of Yoga for Anxiety?

Yoga and Anxiety

What is Yoga? Yoga has become one o the most popular forms of physical exercise, which is based upon the yoga poses or asanas, often called physical postures to promote fitness of body and mind. It helps you control your mind and improve your well-being. Yoga is good for mind and body connection. It has historical origins in primitive Indian philosophy. You see many different styles of yoga for men and yoga for women, though some yoga are good for children as well, which is also called yoga for kids.…

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What Is Yoga And What Are Its Benefits for Allergy?

Yoga for Allergy

What Is Yoga? Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise. Nowadays, yoga is widely practiced for the purpose of health and relaxation. Yoga can be the best way to improve your healthy life. Yoga includes breathing exercise or breath control, simple meditation, yoga asana or postures etc. When we talk about yoga, some questions certainly pop in our mind up. What is yoga? Is yoga a philosophy or a religion? According to Isha Foundation, yoga is ‘union’. It is combined with various yoga postures, but better to say…

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What Is Yoga And What Are Its Benefits for Abs?

Yoga Asana for Abs

What Is Yoga? We have started writing this blog with the term ASANA rather than using the term benefits of yoga for abs. Though we will discuss step-by-step yoga for abs and the poses that you need to do to prevent this issue. Before we dive deep, we will tell you something about yoga and its benefits. Yoga is an exercise or a bunch of asana together called yoga. This asana individually named to understand the benefits of yoga. Yoga is defined as any of the yogic posture or movement,…

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The Best Vitamins for Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails

Every woman wants to look beautiful and flawless. Without a doubt, your skin, hair, and nails are your best accessories. So it is no wonder that you may be eager to find the best possible care regimen for these features. Though you can use conditioners, waxes, top coats, lotions, sprays, and other products, as well as commit to healthy cleaning habits, these solutions may not get to the root of the problem. What should you be seeking out to achieve healthy skin, hair, and nails? It all comes down to…

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Did You Know That Your Everyday Food Can Be Replaced With Healthier Food?

We keep hearing nutritionists say that a diverse diet is a key to a healthy life and balanced diet. But, did you know that certain choices when you shop for groceries can put you on the right track towards a healthier diet? Maybe it is time for you to know that your regular, everyday foods have healthier alternatives that mean the fact that your body will get the nutrition of a higher quality while reaching the ideal weight of your body. And, don’t worry, because a healthier diet doesn’t mean…

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Examining The Benefits Of Eating Foods High In Glutathione

Foods High in Glutathione

Your diet is vitally important for maintaining good health. As you should already realize, consuming a balanced diet is very important. While most people recognize this basic rule, many fail to consume crucial vitamins and compounds, including glutathione. Failing to consume this vital compound can be risky and it could result in dangerous repercussions. At the same time, you need to realize that there are numerous benefits associated with consuming foods that are high in glutathione. Within this guide, you will learn more about these benefits and the best foods…

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7 Surprising Facts You Never Knew About Your Mattress

Sleep is one of the most important factors when it comes to your overall health and lifestyle. However, many suffer from a poor quality of sleep nowadays, and it’s primarily due to a bad mattress. With that said, let’s walk you through some surprising facts about how a bad mattress may lead to more health issues than you may think. Stress Levels While studies have proved that a new mattress may help lower your stress levels, an old one may not provide any kind of relief from stress. This is…

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How Yoga and Meditation Help Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer

Yoga for Alzheimer

A new study suggests practicing Yoga and meditation may help reduce the emotional and cognitive problems that often precede Alzheimer’s disease. The study led by Dr. Helen Lavretskyof the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA), and colleagues, found that a 3-month course of meditation and yoga practice helped minimise the emotional and cognitive problems that often occur before several forms of dementia including Alzheimer’s, and that it was more efficacious than the memory-boosting exercises. “Memory training was comparable to yoga with meditation in terms…

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How Yoga Can Boost Your Metabolism

Yoga to Boost Metabolism

One of the biochemical processes that occur in every organism, metabolism is the actual function by which your body turns the food you eat and drink into energy. Several factors affect your actual rate of metabolism, including your age, gender, and activity level. While most people tend to accept metabolism as static, there are actually several things you can do to boost your metabolism – one of which is yoga. Components of Metabolism Aside from just the factors that influence metabolism – age, gender, and activity level – there are…

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Getting Ready to Greet the Summer with a Beautifully Shaped Body?

Shaped Body

Now that the weather is warmer and we start trading thick clothes on thinner and shorter clothes, we would also like to display a beautiful body. But, nice legs, abs, and others are not appearing out of anywhere. Plus, the extra pounds that we may have accumulated during the cold season may come against our desire to look good. Before you panic, you should know that you still have time and that there are effective methods of getting you in shape for this summer. Just stop postponing the moment in…

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Eat For Brain Health: 7 Foods That Boost Brain Function

The food you eat has something to do with how your brain functions. Nutrition experts emphasize that what you ingest not only affects your body but your mind as well. Yes, brain foods matter a lot! Here, in this post, we will tell you seven most important foods that boost brain function. Your gut will help boost your immune responses as well as keep inflammation under control. Furthermore, gut hormones entering your brain or those produced in your brain affect your cognitive abilities. These chemicals help you stay focused on…

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